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James Martin designs custom, beautiful landscapes for the Gulf Coast

James Martin began a small landscape company in the spring of 1997. That venture has since evolved into a distinguished company that provides professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance services along the Gulf Coast and throughout the Florida Panhandle. Gulfside Landscaping combines James Martin’s custom designs with a knowledgeable installation team to create some of Northwest Florida’s most beautiful landscapes.

James has toured famous gardens around the world and brings that knowledge and vision to everything he does at Gulfside Landscaping. He has garnered inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Rim and the urban gardens of Amsterdam, from the Boboli Gardens of Florence and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and even our own National Parks here in the United States. James is inspired by the varied forms of nature and international architecture and brings his keen design sense to customers all along the Gulf Coast.

The Gulfside Landscaping Design Process

Pensacola Landscape Design

The design portion of Gulfside Landscaping’s process takes the most time. During this detailed process, James works closely with the owners or developers to ensure the landscape project flows appropriately with the architecture of the building as well as the natural surroundings.

Elements including the surrounding neighborhood or natural areas, drainage issues and irrigation are all carefully considered when creating the final design. The intended uses of all areas are taken into account and direct the design of pathways, hardscapes and landscape lighting.

James works closely with customers to incorporate all necessary elements in the designs, discussing choices such as colors and textures of plant species, hardscape measurements and specifications, and irrigation and drainage needs. Gulfside then provides the entire landscape package from start to finish. Our skilled team handles all aspects of the installation, and treats each project with care and respect.

When you are ready for your own James Martin Design, give us a call. Our team will schedule a meeting to find the perfect solution for your landscaping needs.

irrigation for lawnsIRRIGATION

The first step to any successful landscape is an irrigation system that will accommodate the plant material and the correct amount of water to the plants and trees. Our certified irrigation professionals can provide an irrigation system that will provide the precise water need for each area of your landscape.

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Experience the great outdoors!! Patios, walkways, firepits and seating walls allow you to “live” in your landscape. We create intimate spaces for casual living or grand expanses for a bold expression. Extend your landscape enjoyment into the cooler times of the year by including a firepit. The warmth of a crackling fire creates the perfect backdrop for family get togethers and lifetime memories. We create a custom hardscape for YOUR garden…for YOUR family…and for YOUR life.

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flowers and plants planningFLOWER POWER

Flowers are nature’s art. They amaze and dazzle us with their brilliance and beauty. And as if looking good wasn’t, many of them reward us with intoxicating fragrance. Flowers are the primary desire of customers and fortunately, we make it happen!! Here along the Gulf Coast, we are blessed with a climate that allows flowers to bloom throughout the year. Spring brings flowering trees and shrubs. Summer brings annuals, tropicals, crepe myrtles and perennials. Fall brings Encore Azaleas and many fall blooming perennials. Winter brings us the amazing flowers of almost countless varieties of camellias.  We want something blooming in your landscape every season of the year!

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Pensacola landscape lightingLANDSCAPE LIGHTING

View your landscape in a whole new light…literally! Landscape lighting creates an entirely new perspective on your garden. Just as a black tie dresses up an evening affair, landscape lighting highlights beautiful plants, giving them a completely different look from their daytime appearance.

But landscape lighting is not “just a pretty face.” Lighting also adds safety and security to your home. Pathway lights guide you and your guests through your garden. Also, down lighting and up lighting brighten up those dark areas to create the perfect mood.

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water fountains and water features WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE!

Nothing engages the senses like water in the landscape. A small trickling fountain can add just enough sound to compliment the chirping birds or the whispering breeze. Or a cascading waterfall can drown out the stress and noise of everyday life. Water speaks to the primal being inside all of us. We are drawn to it. It’s in our very nature. A water feature can transform the garden into an oasis. Not just for you, but for birds and butterflies as well.  So at the end of a long, stressful day, treat yourself to your very own oasis with the sight and sound of water.

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drainage solutions - dry creek bed designDRAINAGE SOLUTIONS

Drainage problems are not only unsightly or annoying, they can also damage your home and  become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. Fortunately, drainage problems can lead to some great landscape solutions. Many trees and plants thrive in these wet conditions and help absorb and purify water. Also, creating a dry creek bed can allow excess water to drain properly while adding an aesthetically pleasing appearance to an otherwise unsightly area. Other drainage problems can seem a bit more daunting with no apparent solution. That’s where we come in. We can install French drains, re-grade land to facilitate drainage or attach downspouts to pipes and lead excess water away. So if you have drainage problems, contact Gulfside Landscaping for drainage solutions.

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landscape design installationTHE DESIGN COMES TO LIFE

Once the irrigation has been installed, the landscape begins to come alive. Landscape beds are spray painted on the ground and the plant and tree placement begins. Plants and Trees are placed according to the design; however, the design is only a suggested guide for placement. Our team ensures that placement is perfect and makes any on-site changes dictated by the site conditions or client preferences.  All plants and trees are placed in their correct spot according to the design; however, a customer may want to change the position of the plants before they are installed, or the designer may see a small change he wants to make. Our main objective is to produce an aesthetically pleasing landscape that enhances the residential or commercial property. Our customers take top priority! We want you to be happy with your landscape. At Gulfside Landscaping, we take pride in our custom landscape plans and have a staff that is second to none in the landscape industry.

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So we’ve finished installing your custom designed landscape. The trucks and crews have left and now you can relax and enjoy your new surroundings. Suddenly you realize you forgot to ask a question about a plant! Don’t worry…our relationship doesn’t end just because we’ve gone. You’re part of our family now, so whenever you have a question, we’re here with an answer.

Want to keep your landscape looking brand new? Let us take care of it for you. We offer a full range of landscape management services ranging from mowing to pruning to fertilization and weed control. Just sit back, enjoy and let us do the work for you.


With all of the amazing options available, what do you want? What do you need? Is this in your budget? We’re here to help with that too. All of our landscape installations are custom designed for YOUR lifestyle to fit YOUR needs and YOUR budget. Everything begins with a plan…a design created just for YOUR lifestyle, YOUR needs and YOUR budget. You lead the way throughout the entire process. Without our wonderful clients, we’re just a company with trucks and equipment. YOU are the heart and soul of Gulfside Landscaping and we thrive because of you. Let us help you landscape dreams a reality.

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