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on February 9, 2017
Asphalt Maintenance Before and After

Setting a regular asphalt maintenance schedule for your building’s parking lot is crucial to keeping it looking good as new. As one of the costliest components of a commercial property, it is important to stay diligent on the up keep to prevent the development of more serious problems.

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Warmer weather is fast approaching here in the Florida Panhandle. While this brings spring flowers and balmy days on the beach for us, it brings an increased danger of degradation for the asphalt in parking lots and other paved areas.

This deterioration is fueled by oxidation caused by exposure to sun, rain and leaking petroleum compounds from vehicles. To solve these issues, Gulfside Landscaping provides a full suite of asphalt maintenance services to protect and extend the life of your paved surfaces.


Although sealcoating is not a cure for asphalt issues that have already developed, it is a great way to prevent the issues from occurring in the first place. Applied as a thin liquid layer to the surface of asphalt parking lots, sealcoating protects against UV rays, rain, and petroleum-based fluids such as engine oil and gasoline.

While it needs to be redone every two years or so as part of an asphalt maintenance plan, sealcoating quickly pays for itself by extending the overall life of the parking lot. Rather than needing repairs or replacement after a few short years in the harsh Florida climate, a properly maintained and sealcoated surface will last for many years and reduce the need for larger repair costs.

Once a surface has been sealcoated, re-striping is recommended to define parking spaces, walkways and other traffic features. At Gulfside Landscaping, we use the highest quality paint products to produce new line striping layouts that comply with all American Disabilities Act requirements.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling

While most of us feel excited about the warmth of spring arriving, seasonal temperature changes cause pavements to expand and contract. Over time, these fluctuations damage asphalt and create large cracks. This leaves an ugly surface that is difficult to drive on and dangerous for pedestrians.

To correct these cracks, Gulfside Landscaping uses rubber crack filling as it does not expand or contract. Sealing these cracks before they expand further helps to maintain the pavement’s structural capacity and limits future degradation by preventing water intrusion in the base and sub-base layers.

Paving and Asphalt Repair

It pays to have an asphalt maintenance plan in place. If you have a damaged asphalt surface that needs repairing, removing, replacing or overlaying, Gulfside Landscaping has you covered! Using saw-cut replacement we can transform your paved surfaces and keep your customers coming in, not driving away!

Gulfside Landscaping also offers additional services such as selling and installing parking lot signs, parking bumpers, speed bumps, stamped and decorative asphalt, solar powered lights and colored sealcoating. Enhance your first impression with Gulfside Landscaping today!

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