Using Landscaping to Create Privacy in Your Yard

on May 22, 2017
Color flowers and flowing water fall creating privacy

Gulfside Landscaping creates privacy through the thoughtful use of carefully selected plants and trees to create a visual separation from surrounding roadways and structures. We use screens of foliage to block undesirable views and prying eyes, and harness the soothing sounds of custom-built water features to mask neighborhood noise. Natural Privacy Screens While fences and […]

Using Texture in Landscape Design to Create Visual Interest

on March 23, 2017
Mixing texture in landscapes adds visual intrigue

Incorporating a variety of textures into a landscape is a great way to add visual intrigue. Combining plants and materials with coarse, medium, and fine textures allows us to create flow and highlight areas of interest. Using Coarse Textures Coarse-textured plants are visually powerful and draw the eye by creating dramatic areas of light and […]

Fill Your Landscape with Color

on February 28, 2017
Masses of color in a custom-designed landscape

The color and texture of plants in your landscape are important physical characteristics that provide interest and variety in your design. Grouping fully-established plantings in close spacing establishes interest and a seamless, professional look. As the crisp winter months come to an end, we can’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun on our […]

Call Gulfside Landscaping for Asphalt Maintenance!

on February 9, 2017
Asphalt Maintenance Before and After

Setting a regular asphalt maintenance schedule for your building’s parking lot is crucial to keeping it looking good as new. As one of the costliest components of a commercial property, it is important to stay diligent on the up keep to prevent the development of more serious problems. Call us at 850.478.8450 for a free quote! Warmer […]

Protecting Palm Trees in Winter

on December 8, 2016
Palm trees protected from frost

Palm trees and Florida are a classic landscaping combination. While there are many native species of palm that are perfectly adapted to our local weather, others require a little extra care when the winter cold sets in. Gulfside Landscaping incorporates palm trees in many of our custom landscaping designs. Most species do well with our […]

Best Fall Flowers for Northwest Florida

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on October 3, 2016
Fall Flowers for Northwest Florida

With the end of summer behind us, the cold weather months will begin moving into the panhandle of Florida. If you’re one of the many gardeners attempting to figure out the best fall flowers for Northwest Florida, then this article is for you. Fall can be a glorious time for adding color to your garden […]

How to Solve Drainage Problems

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on September 27, 2016
Drainage Problems: Installing a French drain

We see a lot of landscaping issues in the Florida Panhandle that are caused by drainage problems. A yard that suffers from frequent standing water often sees yellowing or even dying off of large areas of lawn and foliage. Wet areas can lead to other complications as well, including an increase in the growth of […]

Case Study: Backwoods Beauty on the Bayou

on August 19, 2016
Natural stone and native ferns

We’re very lucky to live where we do here on the western end of the Florida Panhandle. We enjoy more than our fair share of differing terrain ranging from sandy dunes to sheer cliffs, open fields to pine forests. During a recent landscaping makeover, we had the chance to recreate the look and feel of […]