Brighten the Night with Landscape Lighting

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on June 23, 2016
Landscape lighting enhances an outdoor living area

To enjoy your beautiful yard and garden on warm summer nights, consider adding landscape lighting to your designs.

Summer has arrived here in Northwest Florida. Our evenings are warm and gatherings with friends and family tend to linger a little longer. Summer garden parties, graduation celebrations, and leisurely pool days are great ways to enjoy your outdoor spaces. With the addition of thoughtfully designed landscape lighting, the setting sun doesn’t have to mark the end of these special moments.

Landscape Lighting for Entertaining

With the right landscape lighting, your backyard, garden and outdoor living spaces can be transformed into a welcoming oasis in the night. By using a combination of lighting sources and clever techniques, an entirely different side of the personality of your surroundings can be revealed.

During our long summer days, we love how the bright colors of flowers and foliage pop to make a visual impact in a yard. At night, however, an entirely different emotion can be developed through the use of landscape lighting. We love to play with the deep colors and rich textures that are highlighted by a well-thought-out lighting plan. Through careful and deliberate design, we can harness the romance of this sultry season for you and your guests.

Walkway lights and subtle accents lead visitors to enjoy comfortable outdoor seating areas and cozy fire pits. Dramatic spot and flood lights help to illuminate the sweep of towering trees contrasted against starry skies. Architectural elements come to life through the interplay of light and dark areas, allowing features of your home to stand out amongst the shadows.

Landscape Lighting for Safety

While landscape lighting adds to the enjoyment of your yard and garden, it also makes it safer to do so. Illuminating paths and steps allows guests to confidently walk through and enjoy your yard. This can make a large difference to the comfort of those who are visiting for the first time and are unfamiliar with the layout.

When you use landscape lighting to eliminate dark and shadowy areas on your property, it also makes your home more secure. By eliminating dark areas and potential hiding spots, your yard becomes less appealing to trespassers.

Call Gulfside Landscaping for Beautiful Landscape Lighting Designs

When you’re ready to bring your yard to life at night, call the lighting experts at Gulfside Landscaping. Our team of designers and installers will transform your yard into an evening retreat that you’ll never want to leave.