Case Study – Landscaping Update in Cantonment

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on July 28, 2016
Updates to the backyard at the Sparks residence

Gulfside Landscaping helped the Sparks family with a landscaping update to turn a boring, standard yard into a unique expression of their personal style.

The Sparks family recently moved to the Gulf Coast from Nevada. They purchased a traditional brick home in Cantonment that offered all of the interior space and amenities they wanted. However, the yard was all but featureless and lacked any real personality.

A Yard in Need of the Gulfside Touch

The Sparks reached out to the design team at Gulfside Landscaping looking for help with design and installation. Owner and Lead Designer James Martin and Associate Designer Vince Champion met with the client and analyzed the existing landscaping surrounding the Sparks’ newly-purchased home. They discussed the client’s needs and looked over inspiration images to find a style that they liked.

Sparks Residence Before Gulfside Landscaping

Sparks Residence – Before updates by Gulfside Landscaping!

An initial analysis showed the home’s lawn and irrigation system were in relatively good shape, and needed some fine tuning and only minor repairs. The only hardscape element in the back yard was an aging flagstone patio that required cleaning and simple maintenance. Existing plantings around the home were sparse and typical for the neighborhood, including a few Japanese maples that had been neglected for a season or two.

Taken as a whole, the yard did not add to the appeal of the property or provide much visual interest. Gulfside Landscaping’s design team created a plan to better reflect the Sparks’ individual taste.

Finding Inspiration for Landscape Design

During the initial design meeting, Martin and Champion discovered the client’s appreciation of modern design principles. The Sparks were consistently drawn to modern, angular arrangements that utilized straight lines and a minimalist palette.

Long, linear pathways at the Sparks residence

Long, linear pathways at the Sparks residence

To bring these components into the landscaping update, they built long, linear walkways around the side of the home. Using large, square concrete pavers surrounded with Mexican beach pebbles, these paths add a modern touch and nicely frame out the new, grassy plantings.

To add vertical elements to the designs, Gulfside Landscaping incorporated several specimens of large shrubs and trees into the landscape. Italian cypresses, with their upright stance and architectural character, were used to lend a sense of scale. Olive tree espaliers were added to the sides of the home to add elevated greenery without disrupting the horizontal areas along the linear pathway.

Planting areas were then refurbished and defined with borders of rainbow and Mexican beach pebbles. These added contrast and subtle color that fit perfectly with the modern layout.

Backyard Transformations from Gulfside Landscaping

Updates to the backyard at the Sparks residence

Updates to the backyard at the Sparks residence

The Gulfside Landscaping team enjoyed completing the update of this yard. The finished result is a much better representation of the Sparks’ personalities and has added substantial curb appeal to their home. When you’re ready to transform your own yard, contact Gulfside Landscaping and make an appointment.