Save Water and Money with an Efficient Irrigation System

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on June 2, 2016
Irrigation System

Not all sprinkler installation companies take the time and effort to create an efficient irrigation system. Doing so requires the designer to take many factors into account, and to know how those factors interact and change over time as your landscape grows and matures.

To maintain the beauty and health of your landscaping, it must receive just the right amount of water at the right time of day. Simply laying out a grid of sprinkler heads to cover all areas is not enough. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, a truly efficient irrigation system will be carefully tuned to your specific landscape’s exact needs.

Effective and Efficient Irrigation

To keep your landscape healthy and conserve water, the designer must consider all of the factors present in your yard. A professionally designed and maintained irrigation system can maximize the effectiveness of every gallon of water that is used.

Various plants, shrubs, trees and grasses can have very different moisture requirements. A well-designed irrigation system begins with an assessment of the types of vegetation in the landscape and their water needs. Other important factors include inspecting the soil type and drainage characteristics, mapping the varying elevations found throughout the yard, and measuring the amount of light each area receives.

Lastly, the layout of any paved areas should be considered, and any plans for future landscaping or building additions, if known, should be accommodated. Some zones in your irrigation system will require different pressures or sprinkler head types and, for certain areas, drip or other delivery methods may be more appropriate.

Tuning and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems

Once an effective irrigation system has been designed and installed, it must be fine tuned and maintained to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. This involves adjusting the timing of the watering zones, using the proper range and spray pattern for each sprinkler head, and ensuring the heads are straight and free of obstructions or damage.

When all of these elements are factored in and optimized, an efficient irrigation system will help to keep your yard green, conserve water and save you money.

Call Gulfside Landscaping for an Efficient Irrigation System

For a truly customized system in an intricate landscape, the layout must take into account more than traditional head-to-head coverage. Gulfside Landscaping specializes in designing systems that are specifically tailored to your unique yard. Call today and make an appointment to speak to an experienced irrigation professional.