Using Landscaping to Create Privacy in Your Yard

on May 22, 2017
Color flowers and flowing water fall creating privacy

Gulfside Landscaping creates privacy through the thoughtful use of carefully selected plants and trees to create a visual separation from surrounding roadways and structures. We use screens of foliage to block undesirable views and prying eyes, and harness the soothing sounds of custom-built water features to mask neighborhood noise.

Natural Privacy Screens

While fences and walls help to delineate straight and rigid property lines, they can’t compare to the beauty of privacy screens created from dense greenery. With soft natural forms and inspired palettes, we create a soothing sense of separation from the outside world without leaving you feeling boxed in. When properly executed, privacy landscaping works to evoke a pervasive, calming effect.

By blocking out views of busy streets and neighboring buildings, dense and colorful plantings produce a natural backdrop for your outdoor living spaces. We use towering conifers in deep shades of green for vertical elements, and thick foliage with contrasting textures at lower levels. Together, this layered effect creates a deep sensation of privacy, of being far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Colorful flowers creating a natural wall for privacy

Noise-Masking Water Feature

To create a multi-sensory impression of privacy, Gulfside Landscaping incorporates water features in our designs to help mask the grating sounds of traffic and busy neighborhoods. In formal gardens and seating areas, a distinctive fountain can serve as an elegant, sophisticated center of attention.

In more casual areas, we use murmuring streams and gentle waterfalls to mask aural distractions. The calming sounds of water playing against rocks and meandering between plantings adds to the illusion of having your own remote oasis. These natural forms also work to soften the hard edges hardscape elements such as retaining walls and paved pathways.

Flowing Water Feature Creating Privacy in Backyard

Get Away from It All Without Leaving Your Yard

At Gulfside Landscaping, we love creating a beautiful escape for our customers right outside their door. Call us and discover how we can add privacy to your outdoor areas.