Using Texture in Landscape Design to Create Visual Interest

on March 23, 2017
Mixing texture in landscapes adds visual intrigue

Incorporating a variety of textures into a landscape is a great way to add visual intrigue. Combining plants and materials with coarse, medium, and fine textures allows us to create flow and highlight areas of interest.

Using Coarse Textures

Coarse-textured plants are visually powerful and draw the eye by creating dramatic areas of light and shadow. We introduce this effect with the rough textures of bark, the splaying fronds of palms and deeply serrated leaves. Surrounding these with groupings of lighter, wispier plants is an effective tactic that balances out their strong influence.

Many natural materials used in hardscapes feature coarse textures. Roughly cut stone walls, rough-sawn wood and irregularly shaped boulders contrast wonderfully with soft foliage and bright blooms.

Coarse textures contrasting with soft foliage

Using Medium Textures

The majority of the plants we use in landscape design have a medium texture. Their simple edges and uncomplicated shapes act as the perfect background. We use medium-textured plants throughout our designs to allow the coarse and fine textured specimens to stand out.

In our hardscapes, we employ materials like flagstone and finished wood to add medium textures. They make excellent surfaces for seating or pathways in the garden, offering traction and comfort with a warm, natural look.

Medium textured plants create unity between fine and coarse textured plants

Using Fine Textures

Fine-textured plants add a light, airy feeling to outdoor spaces. Delicate foliage, thin leaves, tall stems and wispy limbs all lend fine details in landscapes. The effects of individual plants may be very subtle, so large groupings are often more effective. When used as a background for larger or coarser-textured plants, the contrast is quite striking.

Similarly, fine textured building materials add poise and elegance to hardscapes. When used sparingly, materials like polished stone and copper accentuate the natural forms and color of the surrounding foliage. For pathways and borders, using smooth stones such as pea gravel and river rock are excellent ways add fine texture to a landscape.

Fine textures create a light, airy feel to landscaping

Add Texture to Your Design!

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