How to Solve Drainage Problems

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on September 27, 2016
Drainage Problems: Installing a French drain

We see a lot of landscaping issues in the Florida Panhandle that are caused by drainage problems. A yard that suffers from frequent standing water often sees yellowing or even dying off of large areas of lawn and foliage. Wet areas can lead to other complications as well, including an increase in the growth of moss and fungi and attracting pests such as mosquitoes.

What Causes Drainage Problems?

While the sandy soils in our area generally allow rain to seep back into the underlying aquifer, there are several drainage problems that can lead to standing water around your home. One of the most common causes is a yard that is improperly graded. When homes are newly constructed, the soil should be graded, or sloped away from the building on all sides. This allows water to flow away from your home and out of your yard.

However, even a yard that was originally graded properly can end up with drainage problems. Over time, the height and angles of areas in your yard can change dramatically. Trees tend to build up the surrounding spaces with years of leaf litter, and growing roots may significantly shift and change the elevation of the surrounding soil.

These raised areas can cause water to gather back towards your home rather than drain away. Conversely, parts of your yard that are subjected to a lot of foot or vehicle traffic can become sunken and compacted, allowing water to pool.

Damage Caused by Drainage Problems

No matter what the cause, if you are living with a wet and soggy yard, it’s time to consider a landscape drainage installation. Apart from the unsightly effects on your grass and planted areas, drainage problems lead to big issues for your home as well. If not properly addressed, water that collects in your yard can lead to wood rot, mold infestations, and even attract termites!

Thankfully, you can avoid these problems by investing in a professionally designed and installed landscape drainage system. However, while there are many companies that can install these systems, not all of them consider how the equipment and installation can negatively impact the aesthetics of your property.

Solutions That Work Well and Look Great

Drainage solution exampleAt Gulfside Landscaping, our designers create drainage solutions that work to enhance the visual interest of your landscaping. We apply our extensive knowledge of watersheds and drainage mechanics and combine them with proven design principles to develop gorgeous solutions to drainage problems.

In addition to using hardware and grading to manage excess water, we incorporate stunning trees and plants that thrive in wet conditions and help to absorb excess moisture. For example, water-hungry species such as Florida anise or Southern wax myrtle can make a big difference in chronically wet soil. In areas where drainage problems are intermittent, a dry creek bed created with beautiful river rock provides a functional solution that always looks good.

Call the Professionals for Your Drainage Problems

Creating a drainage system that is beautiful and effective is a complicated process. Simply installing a solution such as a French drain might help with your drainage problem, but it takes a designer’s eye to know how to integrate it with the rest of your yard.

Our experienced professionals begin with an inspection of your property to assess the full situation. From there, we can develop a plan that offers the best solutions to the current drainage problem and works to prevent new ones. When we are done, not only will your yard be dryer, it will be beautiful, too. Call us today and speak to a member of our team to schedule a consultation.