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James Martin and Gulfside Landscaping develop exceptional landscape and garden designs for discerning clientele throughout the southern United States.

James Martin at Timeless Tanglewood celebration

A James Martin Design incorporates modern interpretations of classic garden principles, brought to life through the meticulous work of his talented team of Garden Creators. Gulfside Landscaping provides absolutely gorgeous gardens and stunning landscape vistas for private homes, estates and commercial properties.

As the premiere Garden Designer on the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida, we select a limited number of clients with whom we work each year.

Fee Schedule for James Martin Consulting and Design Services

Consultation fee-Initial appointment with James Martin (Local): $250

Includes a one-hour meeting with James Martin (Consult fee is credited to the client’s project upon acceptance of the proposal for the work/design)

Project Consulting (Local): $350 per hour

Note: Local pricing is available within 45 miles of Pensacola, please call our office for details. 

Landscape Garden Design

Hand-drawn landscape garden design pricing begins at $20,000 and increases with the complexity of the project. (Design fees are always credited to your project cost once the proposal is accepted for the Proposed work)

Landscape Garden Project

Project minimum is $100,000

All design and consulting fees are credited to the client’s project cost upon acceptance of the landscape garden proposal from Gulfside Landscaping.

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