Oak Leaf Hydrangeas

“Oak leaf hydrangeas offer the garden an enormous leaf with a beautiful large, white spire, creating an amazing backdrop for any garden. This grouping of oak leaf hydrangeas is just budding and should be in full bloom by the middle of May.”

Oak leaf Hydrangeas early bloom by Gulfside Landscaping
© James Martin
Oak leaf Hydrangeas full bloom by Gulfside Landscaping
© James Martin

“Ruby Slippers” Oak Leaf Hydrangea

“This gorgeous ‘Ruby Slippers’ oak leaf hydrangea is somewhat of a dwarf. I brought it back to Pensacola from the Carolinas a year ago. I saw a gorgeous Ruby Slipper hydrangea at Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum in Boston last year, and I wanted one. These blooms are 1/4 size of the regular or native hydrangeas in our area.

When I install new plants from a different USDA zone, I always buy smaller plants to try and acclimate them to our Pensacola climate. I wasn’t sure Ruby Slippers was going to make it, but she did!”

Ruby Slippers oak leaf hydrangea