A Sprawling Garden Design on Blackwater Bay

This hand-drawn design for a client in the Blackwater Bay area was a labor of love that demanded many hours of time to get just right.

Blackwater Bay Garden Design

The sprawling Blackwater Bay Garden Design plan contains 128 25-gallon or larger trees; 1632 3-gallon native grasses, shrubs and perennials; and 2250 groundcover plants to help hold the garden’s soil in place. The groundcover plays a crucial role in maintaining this property that has experienced 5-foot-plus storm surge levels during past extreme weather events.

The design also incorporates over 7000 square feet of pavers, including a patio that features a 4-foot diameter wood-burning fire pit overlooking the Blackwater Bay.

I’m very proud to have been commissioned by my awesome clients to create this absolutely gorgeous garden spread out over two acres.