Humbling Praise

A wonderful note I received from a client

It is no closely-held secret that I love what I do. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to bring forth beauty and add to the enjoyment my clients experience in their lives.

However, it is especially humbling and rewarding to garner praise of this level for what I am so blessed to be able to do.

Famous landscape and garden designers throughout the ages have left their legacy in the beauty of their talented creations, placing flora, fauna, trees and plants that continue to flourish and grace the world for us all to enjoy.

Think of the magnificent gardens at the Chateau Versailles, perfected in originality by Andre Le Notre in 1661. The awesome terraced garden fountains and Parterres of Villa D’Este designed by Pirro Ligorio in 1550, or the lesser known gardens on Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore, Italy designed by Angelo Crivelli in 1632.

They have all stood the test of time and have only improved with the maturity of growth anticipated in the visions of their original creators and  architects of design.

Most of us have nurtured a house plant, a window box or a small garden at some point in our lives. The magical wonderment of helping something grow, to tend for it and enjoy the delights of one’s efforts is nourishment not only to the plants but also to our souls.

I only dream to have such a talent, but alas my thumb is not green, and therefore must rely upon the professional talents of those who do, such as Mr. James Martin, founder of Gulfside Landscaping in Pensacola, Florida.

Not only has James Martin and his dedicated team designed, created and continued to maintain our magnificent garden that is enjoyed every single day, but they do so with expertise, detail and loving care that makes every moment a joy to behold.

James Martin has my highest recommendation should you ever want the very best for your own “Garden of Peace and  Contemplation.”

James Martin creates a legacy that will live on throughout the ages.


Phillip Morris